Why Join the Aberdeen Independence Movement?

The Aberdeen Independence Movement (AIM) is a non-partisan pro-independence group based in the North East of Scotland. We focus on making the local case for independence where we prioritise issues that affect Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire in particular. Our target audience is the undecided voters and through our discussions, we hope to convince everyone that independence is the pragmatic choice. We believe that a local and more professional approach is what is required to achieve our goals. Our active members are not all SNP supporters but are convinced about the arguments for independence. 

AIM has been active for two and a half years. Since we started, we have organised and hosted 32 physical events, three of them being one-day conferences. Since lockdown, we have been hosting a programme of Zoom events where we explore different topics relevant to the future development of Scotland.     

We hope we are a Yes group with a difference. We have commissioned a documentary on the local case for independence for instance and we have just commissioned our second film project which will be out soon. We currently have plans for more broadcast-quality films, but we need your help. We believe that the Yes movement must professionalise, and it can only really do that with a regular financial base. That is why we are asking you to join AIM and help us. We have so many ideas, but they are only possible with funding. Over the last two years, we have built up a team full of talented people, many of whom are experts in their field. However, talent alone won’t get us where we need to be.

The film projects we are working on include one aimed at young people and one on new scots and what independence means for them. We would also like to commission research papers on subjects of local interest.  Joining us will help us do this. Joining AIM is not just for people in the North East but for people all over Scotland. If we secure a Yes vote here, we all win and win big. 

Joining AIM is not a one-way street, there are member benefits. We have a series of exclusive Zoom events for members. We plan to have the brightest and best voices appearing in these Zoom events.  As a member of AIM you will have access to a membership forum on our website aim.scot and this will have training resources for members. Membership will come with discounts for products. We promote the ‘Scotland The Brief’ books by Business For Scotland. We offer our members a £2.50 discount on the book. We also promote the Business for Scotland ambassador training and look forward to providing this training to AIM members. Membership will get you a substantial discount on this training. 

Once physical events can happen, there will be an exclusive early release of tickets for members. If it’s a fee-paying event, the membership will entitle you to a discount. For as little as £1.20 a month, you can help us build support for a Yes Scotland. Help us secure a Yes vote in the North East 

Join here https://aim.scot/membership-account/membership-levels/