Aberdeen Independence Movement Youth Campaign Press Release

Aberdeen Independence Movement are pleased to announce that we have launched our campaign focused on young people with a billboard created for the group by artist Stewart Bremner. The billboard is part of our campaign to promote membership to young people; people under 30 can now get a year of free, and full, membership to AIM, this has been made possible with a generous donation to the group. The eye-catching billboard can be seen on the large digital billboard on Market Street in Aberdeen, a prime location between the harbour and Union Square. We are grateful to the invaluable help from Believe in Scotland in the creation of this billboard and to our donor who has made our wider youth campaign possible.

AIM already have a high level of youth participation, with some of our key leadership positions, including both co-chair posts occupied by people under the age of 30, but we feel that we can, and should do better. With over 70% of young people supporting independence, the fact that youth participation in many yes groups remains low is perhaps a sign that many groups may not be particularly welcoming to young people.

Co-chair Jack Gillies, a 21 year-old final year politics student, says “I have always felt welcome at AIM, and feel that I have been given an incredible platform to take a leading role in campaigning for the better future that independence will bring. Our youth project is particularly exciting as it allows us to reach young people who may not have previously known about AIM, giving them the opportunity to get active and take a leading role in our campaigning. The year of membership for people under the age of 30 gives young people the opportunity to play a full role in our innovative and impactful campaigning”.

Keep your eyes out for the next stages of this campaign, and please donate to AIM at aim.scot/support-aim to help fund more positive campaigning like this.


For more information or a comment/quote please email aberdeenaim@gmail.com