Youth Membership

People under the age of 30 can now join AIM for free

Thanks to a generous donation to the group people under the age of 30 can now get 1 year of AIM membership for free. The free membership available to people under the age of 30 is full membership to the group, allowing you to participate in all aspects of the group’s activities and gives the opportunity for you to take a leading role in our ground-breaking campaigns.

Sign up for free youth membership here.

AIM works to build a better future for Scotland, and we feel that an integral part of that is an unwavering commitment to diversity and inclusion. Our diversity statement can be read here.

Young voices have always played a leading role in our campaigning, and that is reflected in the leadership of the group, with both co-chairs being under 30.

Meet Our Co-Chairs

Co-Chair Fatima Joji

“We are delighted to make a commitment to more youth involvement and leadership within the pro-independence movement. There is a case to be made for why young people can change the world and make a strong case for Scottish independence because the impact of youth voices and participation stretches in to all and any aspects of society. We are a resource that is not fully tapped in many areas. We hold the solutions to our greatest global challenges and that is self-evident. From youth leadership in issues like climate change to social justice issues such as black lives matter. We have young people vehemently taking on the fight to address much of what hurts us as a society. We are creative and hold really important perspectives. We are influencers, we have values, attitudes and perceptions that matter. We choose to challenge societies problems on a colossal scale. And youth voices are certainly something that we cannot take for granted. AIM knows this and AIM embraces this. Join us.” – Fatima Joji

Co-Chair Jack Gillies

“I have always felt welcome at AIM, and feel that I have been given an incredible platform to take a leading role in campaigning for the better future that independence will bring. Our youth project is particularly exciting as it allows us to reach young people who may not have previously known about AIM, giving them the opportunity to get active and take a leading role in our campaigning. The year of membership for people under the age of 30 gives young people the opportunity to play a full role in our innovative and impactful campaigning” – Jack Gillies